Paver Patios Areas

<b>Pavers:</b> Pine Hall Brick <i>English Edge</i> clay pavers<br /><b>Color:</b> Autumn<br /><b>Pattern:</b> Heringbone<br /><b>Border:</b> Running Bond<br /><b>Location:</b> Summit Ave. and Lexington<br /><b>Install Date:</b> August 2008


Hardscapes include a combination of paver patio and walks with decorative free standing walls usually alongside perennial planters and hedging. Draining larger hardscapes into rain gardens whenever possible is good practice.
Free Standing Walls provide a decorative look along with functional sitting, privacy, and are a great and useful addition to any new or existing patio area.
Among our specialties is the installation of paver steps. These are usually pavers secured to retaining wall block steps as a base.
We use a variety of decorative concrete materials including Pine Hall Brick clay pavers, Borgert and Willow Creek Paver Products, VERSA-LOK retaining wall block, Anchor, Keystone and County Concrete. Our service area includes the east Space Coast, Titusville, North Brevard and Eastern suburbs.

Pavers provide an attractive and low maintenance surface along with good drainage. See our paver calculator at Paver Materials Calculator

For more about our considerations during paver area quote process and installation, see our online book for installing pavers.
image of paver bookHow To Build A Paver Patio

VERSA-LOK Retaining wall block provides a strong and flexible design for both decorative and functional walls. Free standing walls provide an upgrade look and visual barrier to any landscape and patio area. Capping free standing walls using Indiana Limestone is a nice upgrade over wall caps. See our VERSA-LOK retaining wall calculator at Retaining Wall Materials Calculator